Friday, July 3, 2009

First video at Vimeo

As poor Alice thought, "what is the use of a book without pictures or conversations?", you may also ask "what is the use of a video blog without videos?"

So at last you will get to see some videos on this Blog. I just joined Vimeo, a video hosting site, this morning and I uploaded my (or rather my wife's) first video in Vimeo. Since mine is a free account with Vimeo, I can only upload one HD video a week and for my first upload, I have chosen one clip taken in a restaurant in Cappadocia, Turkey during my recent visit there. This was taken in low-light to demonstrate the capability of the HD2000 in this area. The upload was very S-L-O-W and that 2 minute clip took more than 2 hours so I don't know if this is normal or it is because of my slow laptop, my bad line or both.

As most of us know, all the HD camcorders performs pretty well in bright, outdoor lighting; it is only in low light and indoor lighting that we separate the men from the boys. I believe the HD2000 didn't fare too badly and stood among the men as I am more than happy with the result for the money I paid for the camcorder.

The video was shot using 1920x1080, 30p rather than at the highest resolution since it would be easier to edit later on. The camcorder was totally hand-held and set to fully auto mode. No processing was done except for trim and join and hence the raw audio. Comments are most welcomed.

The link for the video is


Ronald Kwok


  1. How u edit the video?
    wich software?

  2. So far I have not used any external editing program since I just do simple cut and join using the built-in camcorder functions. Later I will try some external editing.