Monday, June 29, 2009

Hidden functions of HD2000

There are several hidden functions of the HD2000 that are found only in the shortcuts setting for the toggle switch (the SET button). You can set 4 shortcut functions to the toggle switch, one each to the four different directions of the toggle i.e. up, down, left or right out of a total of 10 recommended settings. The 10 functions that can be set are AF Lock, AE Lock, Focus, Flash, Exposure Compensation, ISO, Self-timer, Exposure, Display on/off and Sequential. (The AF Lock locks the focus while the AE Lock locks the exposure.)

The shortcut function in the Option Menu 2

Out of these, the AF Lock, AE Lock, Exposure Compensation and Display on/off cannot be found on the normal menu and thus are only available when set as one of the shortcuts. Unfortunately, most of the functions can be set only before recording and are thus only useful for taking still photos rather than videos. Nevertheless, it is better than not having any manual settings at all. Once recording has started, you cannot make any changes with these shortcuts exception for the AF Lock and the AE Lock. These two can be toggled on and off individually or in combination while recording.

Example of shortcuts set

It is very easy to activate these shortcuts by just moving the SET button (the toggle) in any of the four directions and thus it is also very easy for them to be activated unintentionally when the toggle is moved accidentally. Luckily the display will show these if they are activated so it is very important to check the display screen to see if any of these shortcuts have been selected before starting a recording and make the necessary changes where required. Happy shooting!

Ronald Kwok


  1. Hi Ronald
    Hope you had a nice trip.
    Please upload some clips so we can see the performence (and specially the EIS)

  2. Hi Kobi, it was a very enjoyable trip; you can read about it in my travel Blog. I just joined Vimeo and now loading a clip but it is so S-L-O-W! And don't even know if it will work at the end. Will post once it is OK.