Friday, December 17, 2010

Media Player for Sanyo 60p Videos - Update

Since my last post on this was in March, it is time to give an update on this item. Based on feedback from the comments here and in other forums, it would seem that all HD media players are now able to play the 60p videos from the Sanyo HD2000 or FH1. Just make sure that they are new models using the current chipsets as older models (like the 1st generation WDTV) cannot play these videos. But to be sure, bring along a 60p video clip and do a physical test on the player you intend to purchase.

For those thinking of getting a HD Media Player, you can refer to
my Blog here, just updated, for a quick guide. There is a new companion Blog on choosing a HDTV if you do not have one yet. Both items are necessary to enjoy the fruits of your shooting labor with the HD2000. Have fun!

Ronald Kwok