Friday, June 25, 2010

Hail and Wail to Sanyo

I was hoping that in 2010, Sanyo will release an improved version of the HD2000/FH1 with the long awaited optical image stabilization (OIS) which will make this series a top buy. Anyway, it did not happen and looks like it never will. The new models released do not have OIS and in fact the resolution has dropped to just 1920x1080i and they are aimed at a different market. This is understandable since Sanyo has been acquired by Panasonic and they do not want to compete in the same market segment. The latest Panasonic 700 series has now the 1920x1080p (60p) resolution, presumable using the Sanyo technology and they are getting rave reviews for the video quality.

We owners of the HD2000/FH1 have been enjoying the 60p resolution much earlier and looks like this series will not be continued. It is not perfect but it has many innovative features. Only now the latest Sony series can copy to an external HDD without using a PC calling it Direct Copy; Sanyo already have it earlier as part of the Xacti Library.

I recently got myself the Sony XR350E camcorder since I needed one with a HDD for my travels. It definitely beats the Sanyo HD2000 with its rock steady image stabilization and solid auto-focus and after using it, only then I realized there are plenty of neat features in the Sanyo that are not available in the Sony though it costs substantially more.

So hang-on to your Sanyo camcorders if you have one and those without should get yourself a HD2000/FH1 while it is still available as this will reach cult status or become a collector’s item soon. Happy shooting!

Ronald Kwok