Wednesday, July 22, 2009

HD2000 as a card reader

I tested out the function of the HD2000 as a card reader or an external disk drive by connecting it to my laptop via the USB cable supplied. The camcorder detected the USB connection and the selection screen came on. Once you select the Card Reader, the camcorder will appear as an external disk drive in Windows. You can then just drag and drop files to and fro between the SDHC card and the PC. BTW, the AC power need not be on but the camcorder must first be on to select the card reader function. Thus the HD2000 can act as a SDHC card reader, though a very expensive one!

Other functions under the USB Connection for Computer are MTP (for Vista), Screen Capture and PC Camera.

I tried copying different types of files to the SDHC card and it works but when you you want to play back the files with the camcorder, it must be of the same mp4 format and has the file name SANYxxxx.mp4 where xxxx can be any number. One video clip is just one mp4 file so it is very easy to archive your files on the PC and to copy old files to play back on the HD2000. This is a quick alternative to using the XACTI library when you have a PC around.

For this week's video on Vimeo, I have uploaded a clip taken at an indoor stadium where a few kindergartens (including the one my grandchildren attend) were having their joint sports day.
This is from one of the kindergartens where the performance was easily the best among those taking part. Though some of the kids were out of sync, it was even more fun to watch. Hope you'll also enjoy the video.

This was taken with the HD2000 on a tripod, zoomed and panned. Unfortunately the tripod was not of very good quality (it came free with the camcorder) and the horizontal panning was very jerky. So I learn the first rule of choosing a tripod - make sure the movements are smooth in all directions. The built-in mic also did pretty well as it captured both the very loud music and also the voices of the kids, with no distortion.

Here's the
Vimeo link to click on.

Happy viewing.

Ronald Kwok


  1. Thanks for your blog. This clip you posted on Vimeo contributed to our decision to purchase an Xacti HD2000. Your blog's been very helful with basic training - I'm new to video!

  2. Hope you like your Sanyo. There are better camcorders out there but they cost much more. This is also my first camcorder (actually my wife's but I am using it more than her now!) Happy New Year.