Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Video sample in mixed lights

I have uploaded another composite video in Vimeo, this time it is made up of tourist sites in Istanbul both taken outdoor as well as indoor. They are shot at the highest resolution of 1920x1080, 60p (60fps). Probably will not see the difference in Vimeo but if you download the original file from Vimeo, you may see the difference but you need to do it within a week since the original file will be removed after that.

Here's the link,

One thing I discovered when editing my videos using the built-in cut and join functions in the HD2000 is that you cannot join videos taken with different resolutions. I am not sure if it is the same using external editing program. However, there is no problem when I burn videos on DVD (SD quality) using Nero Visions; I could mix all the different resolutions and can burn them onto one DVD. I suppose this is because they are all down converted to one common file type.

Another thing I found out is that the camcorder (actually the battery) gets quite warm if used continuously and it will not charge when plugged into the docking station. The indicator light on the camcorder will flash red and it will only charge after it has cool down. The light is a solid red when the battery is charging so this is one of the safety feature that prevents the battery from over-heating. So don't panic when you see the flashing red light, just cool it!

Ronald Kwok


  1. Are you sure you had it set to 60p? The video you posted to vimeo is obviously interlaced. Perhaps there is a conversion when you uploaded the 60p footage.

  2. Yes, I am very sure that my original video was shot at 1920x1080, 60p. I just uploaded it to Vimeo as it is but I do not know what conversion was done by Vimeo. The other two earlier videos were taken at 30p so did you see any difference compared with the latest one?

  3. Hi ronald,
    Only one question: can you tell where was the HD2000 manufactured? (is there a "MADE IN ...." sticker on it or on the box?)
    I would like to know if this is made in sanyo japan or elsewhere.

  4. Hi Kobi, mine is manufactured in Indonesia. There is a sticker on the box and also one in the battery compartment that says "Made in Indonesia". I suppose in this age of globalisation, it doesn't really matter where the goods come from as long as it is the genuine stuff.

  5. Hello anyone who might be able to help me =(

    I was casually using my HD2000 a few days ago and all of a sudden the screen went white for a few seconds and it shut off. I havnt been able to turn it back on since then. Ive tried using the AC cable through the dock and directly into the camera as well with and without the battery. Alls that happens is the red light will flash - thats if anyone has any insight as to what might be wrong, please please please let me know.

    Thanks, Anton

  6. Hi Anton,
    Sorry, cannot help you here. Looks like you have to send it back to your local service centre. Or some readers can offer suggestions. Do let us know the details once your camcorder is back alive!

  7. I also have a white screen issue however, my camera does turn on and off. Confusing. Any help your be greatly appreciated.

    (Sanyo HD2000)
    (Firmware 1.0.0)