Friday, May 1, 2009

Why I choose Sanyo VPC HD2000 videocam

About a month ago my wife suddenly informed me that she wanted to have a video camera and I nearly fell off my chair. So I thought she must have watched too much videos in Facebook and also Youtube in her Lenovo S10 and wanted to join in the crowd and post some videos online as well. So OK, I thought I would just get her one of those web-standard video camera and that should serve her purpose. But when she told me she wanted a full HD (High Definition) videocam, I really fell off my chair this time. What, these HD videocam will cost me a bomb!

Apparently she has told my elder daughter who has a friend whose father owns a camera shop and the friend has recommended the latest Sanyo Xacti videocam, the VPC HD2000. She told my daughter that this is a craze in Hong Kong and she will give us a good offer when she has her warehouse sale later in the month. (Maybe her company is the distributor for Sanyo stuff!) This model is apparently the only consumer videocam that has progressive HD recording currently. (The stuff that says 1080p instead of 1080i which is supposed to be twice as good!) Since my daughter is always looking for the best, she convinced my wife that this is the videocam to buy.

I know Sanyo make fridges and other electrical goods but don't remember them selling any cameras, let alone videocams. Of course I was very skeptical about this and I went around looking at the camera shops. All the videocams I saw were Canons, Sonys, Panasonics, JVC or even Samsungs but no Sanyos and finally I found only one shop selling this model. So I googled and was presently surprised that Sanyo do make videocams and this model is getting some good reviews as well.

This is an unconventional shape, very much like a slightly oversized shaver or a mini hair dryer. They call this the pistol grip since you will aim and shoot your video just like you aim and shoot with a pistol. Sanyo has been producing this style of videocam for a number of years but this is their first progressive HD model which replaces the earlier HD1000 and the HD1010 which came out late last year.

This post will be purely on my point of view as a user and not on the technical aspects. The most complete review so far for the HD2000 is to be found at the camcorder info site here and my post will mainly cover items not touched by this review plus my views on the items covered as an end-user. Since this is my first videocam, I have no previous experience or videocam to compare with and my comments may be very subjective.

To cut this intro short, I went ahead and bought the Sanyo VPC HD2000 as an advanced birthday present for my wife last weekend so that she can get some practice using it before our holiday in Turkey later in May (if the swine flu has not stopped the world by then.) Below is a shot of my latest desktop with the unholy trinity of Lenovo S10 netbook, Sharp HD (ready) LCD TV and the latest Sanyo HD videocam as each has its own Blog. Will they work together? I'll soon find out. You can see their relative sizes in this shot; the Sanyo videocam is sitting in the docking station.

Actually, the trio are only together for the shots since only the Sharp LCD TV is mine that belongs to my desktop; the Lenovo S10 and the Sanyo videocam belong to my wife but I will be borrowing them from time to time for testing and writing this and other Blogs. I use a Dell Inspiron for my normal work.

I decided to buy the Sanyo because of some good reviews that I have read. Though it is not the best in the market, it is good value for money with the features that it has. Sure, you can get better videocam but at a much higher price. Actually the main reason is that my wife has more or less made up her mind on this model so if I get her anything else she would not be happy inside. Thus to keep her happy so that she will not make me unhappy, I took this model. Ladies sure have their way around, sigh.

Anyway, stay tuned.

Ronald Kwok


  1. ronald can recommend me where i can get a good price. im in KL. thanks

  2. Not many camera shops sell Sanyo. I saw one in Boeing Photo, Sg.Wang Plaza. Usually they are cheaper than others or give you more freebies. They are near Selvam Magazine, think is ground floor. Try there. (Suggest you test other videocams as well unless you have already decided on the Sanyo.)

  3. Hi sherrina,
    The last time I saw it in the shop locally a few months back, it was selling for RM2700; not sure what is the current price.

  4. Hi, Ronald:

    I'm considering the HD2000 for a rather specific job. I run an aviation podcast ( and shoot a fair amount of video inside the cockpit while flying upside down, sideways, and otherwise. See

    I've been shooting with a Panasonic HDC-SD9 with a Raynox Pro 0.3X semi-fish-eye conversion lens. I'm pretty happy with this camera and lens, but there's no audio input on the camera to capture intercom audio.

    Plus, I'm considering shooting a movie about aerobatics and will therefore need an additional camera rig becauwe we'll be running two aircraft at the same time.

    I'm considering the Xacti NF2000 with the Sanyo VCP L04Fu lens. I realize that you probably don't fly upside down, but can you give me any commentary about whether you think the camera would work in this context?

    Important will be the fact that the camera will be clamped using a racing mount to the tube structure of the aircraft, which vibrates a fair amount when one pulls Gs. Any feelings about the image stabilization onboard the camera? I also worry that, with the screw-in mount on the bottom of the camera and the camera's high vertical profile, there's more "arm" over which the vibration can take place.

    any comments that you might have would be most welcome. steve@airspeedonline or simply reply here.


    - Steve

  5. Hi Steve,
    wow! that's one very unusual use planned for the HD2000. I'm sure it can video upside down and just confirmed it but the LCD stayed upside down but since you'll be upside down as well so that's OK. As the image stabilisation of the camcorder is poor normally, I wouldn't know how it'll perform in your environment. The only way to find out is to get one and try it on board. If it doesn't perform, wrap it up as a Christmas present for your missus. That is, if it survives the ordeal! Good luck.
    (Do let us know the result here.)