Wednesday, May 13, 2009

SDHC card classes

Just a short post on the type of SDHC cards that can be used on the Sanyo HD2000. This camcorder can take both SD cards (up to 4GB) and SDHC cards (up to 32GB).

(The following information are taken from Wikipedia.) The SDHC cards have different grades or classes depending on the speed or data transfer rates with the minimum speed below (and the minimum equivalent x-rating.)

Class 2 - 2MB/s (13x)
Class 4 - 4MB/s (26x)
Class 6 - 6 MB/s (40x)

In the HD2000 manual, the class of acceptable SDHC cards are not mentioned but I read somewhere in one of the forums that Class 4 is the minimum recommended for the highest resolution videos. You can use a class 2 for some of the lower resolutions but why take chances? Go for the Class 4 at least or Class 6 if cost is not a major issue.

This is specially for readers in Malaysia. I was in Low Yat Plaza the other day and I noticed that the various brands of SDHC cards on offer have the class as indicated below.

SanDisk - Class 2
Kingston - Class 4
Transcend - Class 6

They may have the other classes available as well but these were those on display. So be careful and check the class of the SDHC card before you part with your money. The class is indicated on the card itself, example below.

Ronald Kwok


  1. Hi
    one final question:
    What is the street price for the HD2000 in Malesya?
    I saw it on Ebay from Hong Kong for around 550-580USD.
    I may have someone how comes to the region and wanted to know how much money should I give him when we walks in to a store. (I mean off Ebay)

  2. Hi Kobi,
    The street price of the HD2000 here in Malaysia is about USD750 and they probably throw in some freebies like a SDHC card, screen protector and a tripod. Most likely cheaper in Singapore, Bangkok or Hong Kong.