Monday, May 31, 2010

Sanyo HD2000 vs Sony XR350E

After playing with the HD2000 for some time, I feel that I must move to something better. Better in the area of image stabilisation and auto-focus, the major setbacks of the HD2000. The camcorder that I opted for is the latest Sony XR350E and the reasons I chose this are in my new Blog on this videocamera. I'll be going for holiday in Germany (leaving tomorrow itself) using this Sony while my wife will be using her Sanyo so it will be a real shoot-out. I'll report the results later in June when I am back. So meanwhile, sit tight and enjoy using your own camcorder that is right for you. Cheers.

Ronald Kwok.


  1. Hi,

    I have been contemplating and researching the hd camcorder seen for a long time. The HD2000 is my first runner up - specially because it is sold locally in a very competitive price - a third of the Panasonic TM300 price for example (same with the Sony)

    I am really anxious to see what is the verdict comparing the Sony with the Sanyo.

    I understand the biggest complaint is the stabilization performance. It will be an interesting to test the difference. Maybe you can find a way to strap those two camera together (so the shack will be equal) open the zoom to the same ratio (10x?) and take some video shots comparing them right against each other.

    Thanks for the ample of information and test videos you have posted in your blog - it has been a great help.


  2. Hi Moshe,
    I am now back from my holidays and from my usage so far, definitely the one major advantage of the Sony over the Sanyo is the image stabilisation. The other plus for the Sony is the auto focus does not shift as much as the Sanyo when condition changes (like lighting, etc.) The 16GB HDD is very handy for long trips and you can just shoot to your heart's content. However there are other featues in the Sanyo that I miss in the Sony and I will give the details in my post later. But then the Sony costs much more so it may not be a fair comparision. I came across the Panasonic SD60 which is even cheaper than the Sanyo and gets good reviews so you may want to check that model out too. Cheers.

  3. To use a Chinese battery for a Sony camcorder is very risky. I have experienced and heard a lot of horrible stories when we use Chinese products. Using a Kodak battery is a better option.